Commission Page

Hello! Looks like you’ve come here to order a commission, or to find out what a commission is.

Here’s the form to request a commission! Please download it, fill it out (either by printing and filling out manually, then scanning, or by using a pdf editor) and then send me an email at!

The Commission FAQ

Q: What is a commission?

A: A commission is a piece of art (a “piece” for short) that is specifically ordered by a customer, or “client.” The client gets to decide what the painting is about, how big it will be, what color palette it might include or the main colors displayed in the final piece, and what medium it is made out of (e.g., acrylic or digital).

Q: How is a commission different from buying other art pieces?

A: When you buy an artwork on the Buy Stuff Here page, or anywhere else, the art that you buy has already been made. It’s like buying something off of the shelf at the store — it’s already there and finished and ready to go. Buying a commission on the other hand is like ordering food: you have to tell the server what you want, how you want it, if you want mustard or ketchup or gluten-free pasta, then you have to wait while the chef makes, from scratch, your artwork. Er, I mean, makes your food.

Q: What if I want multiple commissions? Or multiple copies?

A: Then by all means, please ask for them! If you want copies, then specify that in the commission form section where it asks for any additional important information I should know about the piece. If you would like to order several different commissions (even if they are similar, for instance three paintings of the seashore: one with a person, one with a ship, and one at sunset) then please fill out a separate form for each commission and send all of them in one single email. A filled-out example form for multiple but similar commissions ordered at the same time, and an example email, is below.

Q: How do I learn more?

A: Contact me if you have more questions or concerns about, well, anything! I respond ASAP, usually within one to two days. Email me at