FlaxenMuse Art – About

Where I’m Going and Where I’m From – in terms of FlaxenMuse Art.

Hello World! I am FlaxenMuse, an up-and-coming artist who is actually a biologist. I’m studying for a Bachelor’s in Biology with minors in English Writing (Creative), Biomathematics, and Chemistry.

I’ve always loved art, both visual and written, and I hope to not only enjoy what others make but to create my own. Art has been an outlet for me for a long time, and I wish to help others process their own feelings, or just feel joy, with my art.

Thus, I have made this website, Flaxenmuse.com, and I will have it up and running by the end of 2023 for sure. However, I aim is to have it usable by July. Here, you will be able to browse my artworks, buy available compositions, and commission pieces that may be more to your liking.

I take commissions in digital, acrylic, watercolor, and graphite and the subjects that I focus on are landscapes, animals, fantasy, and people. I am happy to take requests!

Acrylic painting of mountains and lake.
A painting I made a while back but refinished thereafter – inspired by the majesty of the mountains.

Purple Mountain Majesty


A man holding a candle near his face in the dark.
This piece was made to comfort but not coddle. The world is cold and dark sometimes, but we can change our focus and hold dear what warms us.

A Little Hope Held Near A Heart

Digital LineArt

Sunrise from within a snowy evergreen forest.
Sometimes painting is all about joy or beauty. This is one of those – to celebrate the beauty of the natural earth and the beauty of new beginnings as a sunrise at the beginning of spring.

February Sunrise

Digital Painting